Certification CCA 175 - My preparation plan


Hi Everybody,
This is how, I got certified in CCA 175.

I have been to online websites to understand about Big Data theoretically. Then I came across CCA 175 - Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification - Scala by Durga Gadiraju through my employer. It is good learning experience.

After completing the course, start working on problems which are available in itversity discussion forums for practice including ones at the end of the course in Udemy.

Before taking the exam I have gone through the discussion forums which gave me better idea about exam environment for example:

Finally, I am studying Masters in Computers and Information Sciences which will be done by August. I am aspiring to be machine learning and deep learning expert and will send across my profile post graduation. Please help me with jobs.

Mr. Durga thanks for your help and concern.