Cleared CCA 175 - 09 Aug 2017

Cleared CCA 175 - 09 Aug 2017
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Hi All,

I cleared CCA 175 with 100% score today.
The questions are relatively simple.
Sqoop -2, Spark - 7.

You need to know -

  1. SQOOP
  2. File formats - parquet, avro, etc and their compression types.
  3. Basic Spark
  4. Data frames/ Hive Context

No format is provided. You need to do all coding yourself, but its easy.

Good luck folks!


@ruchirabathla Many Congratulations for clearing the test.


congratulations ruchira can you give your email id i just need small doubt as i completed certification but got only 5 correct.



My email id is -


Congrats Dude. Is the Python must? I have not learned python. I am good with spark with scala and sqoop. I am having exam in two days. please help me out


Python not compulsory for the exam.
Same can be achived with Scala but go through all the arun’s problems and Durga Sir’s videos.
Time management is the key. so do take care of the time.


Congratulations ! Do they have access of Hue in Cloudera exam environment ?


Congratulations for clearing the exam…


Nitesh can you please share arun’s problem s,it will be very helpful.


@ruchirabathla Many congratulations… I am plannning to give it… can u plz suggest what are the things you followed. How did u practice?


Hi Nitesh

Could you please share link of Arun’s problem



Congrats Ruchira and thanks for your input!


Many-many congratulations Ruchira, Thanks for sharing info on CCA-175