Cleared CCA 175 19-Dec-2017


Hi @suhasramesh,
Venkat @avr8082 has replied to your question. It’s as per the guidelines in the signup or exam contents page of cloudera.



spark-shell --master yarn --deploy-mode client ?

or just

spark-shell --master yarn ?


Hey Hi!! I’m also planning to take this exam. Can you please tell me from where did you got the sample questions to resolve and practice? Does question paper is always similar?



Please follow along itversity videos and Arun’s blog. It should be good.



I’ve completed his Scala and spark course, hive, sqoop for cert., Flume and Kafka Tut’s. Is it enough? Or I should follow something more? If yes!! Please tell me.


It’s enough for the cert.


That means I can apply for the cert.!!
How much did it cost for you to take the exam?
Where did you wrote the exam?
How to apply for it?
What if we fail in the first attempt?
Please provide me some information regarding this exam procedure or any link.


Hi Dinakar, During exam any data set where you have to take care so that split logic will not break, I mean any question where a particular record had any comma or any escape character which needs to be taken care. Or we can safely rely that data is comma seperated?


Data is preformatted and you don’t need to focus on the logic. You need to understand the data whether it is comma or tab or any other character separated.



Hi Dinakar,
How much of RDD transformation techniques were required in order to solve the problems. I am more comfortable with dataframes and sparkSQL. Can we solve all spark problems without using RDDs and just by relying on DF or SQL?
Thanks in advance.