Cleared CCA 175 29/12/17


Hi All,

Cleared CCA 175

A lot of Thanks to Durga sir for the videos and explainations.

Exam format is same as others. 2-sqoop, 7-spark. Special Thanks to Arun Sir’s blog (file conversion& Compression’s problem is most important) could give you confidence to face exam.

All the best to Test Takers…


Congratulations @Yeswanth


Congratulations Yeswanth!!

One quick question - Did you get templates of code for Spark problems or you wrote the code from scratch?


Hi @SureshGandikota,

No.There will not provide any templates of code and we have to write the code from scratch in spark-shell and terminal(sqoop).


Thanks @Dinakar
Also thanks for your help…:grinning:


Hi @Yeswanth ,
Congratulations for the success.

Could you please provide your email id or write to me at

I have few queries to resolve.



Congratulations @Yeswanth
Is it necessary to learn both python and scala? Can you solve all the questions in scala?


Hi @Yeswanth.

Congrats !!!

How would your rate complexity of file conversion problems ?
Also please advice on the complexity of data transformations (not Spark Transformations) involved in the questions.



Thank you Yeswanth!!


@Yeswanth how complex are the data based operations,Did u have to use a lot of joins or aggregate functions?


Thanks @kundan-s
No.You can answer the question either in Scala or Python.I have done it in Scala only.


Hi @singhak.bhu,
Please go through Arun’s Blog for file conversion and compression problems. Thats really helpful.Complexity level of questions are easy only.You can answer the spark question using either RDD,Dataframe or Spark-sql thats depends on you.


Complexity level is easy.Questions are there which we should use Joins and aggregate functions but not complex.


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Yeswant one last question

Did u have to use any IDE to solve any questions
Specifically creating Jars and Submitting spark Jobs? Or can you solve everything from REPL shell?


We have to solve all the problems using REPL Shell.We dont want to create any Jar file during exam.