Cleared CCA -175 6/11/2018

I cleared CCA -175 exam yesterday in my first try. Thanks a lot to Durga Sir for your Udemy course and Labs. Arun’s problems were also very helpful.

I got 9 questions(2 Sqoop, 1 hive-spark, 6 Spark-rdd & df). Questions were easier.

This link was helpful for do’s and don’t for exam.

To add,

  • Don’t spend much extra time on problems goes wrong for you. you may stop after 5-10 mins of extra time spend and move to next question, that way you wont miss or make mistakes on any easy problem scenarios.

  • Do validate the results after each step if possible.

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Mine is tmrw …can you just throw some light on the hive question and were the swoop questions straight forward…are there tricky questions?

Hive one was to get data from hive and do some operations. It was very easy one. sqoop questions were straight forward. But I faced issue with sqoop export, it didn’t work for me.

Thanks for valuable information