Cleared CCA 175 7/24/2019 (Python)

Gave my exam today. got my scores in an hour.
9 questions (2 sqoop, 1 hive, 6 spark)…

I wasted a lot of time for my 3rd question, so didn’t attempt one question. Completed 8, all are correct.
Based on my exam and what I read from people who gave exam, these are the common patterns.

  1. Sqoop questions are basic ones. one import and one export. Similar to Jay’s questions (If you can solve these problems.. you may be ready for CCA-175 . Give it a shot!) (if you are able to solve arun teaches problem scenario 5, you can score these two).
  2. For spark questions, make sure you practice string functions because irrespective of the database (student/employee/customers etc), there will be a question/questions about manipulating person details (like transforming first and last name as per their requirements or modifying date fields). So make you sure you are good with substring, concat, etc functions
  3. Hive question (mostly they will ask you read from a meta store table or write into it, so you should be comfortable with these two)
  4. practice all combinations of Compression types and file formats
  5. FINALLY, DONT WASTE TIME ON ONE QUESTION (like I did), TIME IS KEY. I wasted a lot of time for my 3rd question and it was the easiest one of all (just to read from one file format and write into another one, not even computations involved). I didnt want to miss that easy one, so I kept on finding the error. I did a silly mistake, a typo.

most frequent question/worry about exam, how to connect to mysql:
i tried > mysql -u -p (it will prompt for password and enter it)
for sqoop,
-connect jdbc:mysql:/// --username cloudera --password cloudera
they will give url (gateway in my case), copy paste as is, i didnt use any port#

Feel free to ask any questions :slight_smile:

Hi brkanth,

Congratulations on you result.
I am planning to take this exam next month.As you said for sqoop Aruns blog scenario 5 will be useful, so in this way can you help me in what to follow for spark related questions.


Congratulations Brkanth

Hi @brkanth

One question: Is there any IDE like environment provided during the exam to code in Pyspark? Because if it is like linux server probably if you press tab after filling half method/use dot the options might not turn up.

For scala, if we use spark-shell if we fill half method/ use dot and press tab all the options would turn up. Please help as I’m a novice in Spark and wanted to clear the exam.

Hi @brkanth,
Congratulations on clearing CCA175 !!

Just like Sqoop import and export where we have to mention server details, is there a question that you or any of your friends faced where you are asked to read data from mysql over jdbc ?

While using the labs we use specific packages/jars and --driver-class-path while launching pyspark to handle this.

My question is: Are the details like :
–jars /usr/hdp/
–driver-class-path /usr/hdp/

provided during exam?