Cleared CCA 175 Exam


I have cleared the CCA 175 exam. I would like to thank Durga sir and the entire ITVersity team for all the training, Lab environment and support.

10 Questions: 3 Sqoop, 1 Hive, 6 Spark SQL.
Questions like: Importing in compressed, filter condition, subset of the columns, data transfer from 1 type to another (text to parquet/json/avro), aggregate functions, date manipulation, joining of tables etc.
Timeline is very stringent.

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Congrats Soumyajit !!!

did you get question to use other tables apart from retail_db related tables (orders, product, order-items…)

if yes can you mention pls .



There were other tables but I forgot the names. Don’t worry, they will mention the schema details in the problem statement.

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Many Congratulations!!

What kind of date manipulations were asked like changing the format or something else ?
Thanks for your reply.