Cleared CCA-175,HDPCD-No Java,HDPCD-Spark,HDPCA, and Lost CCA-131

Hi Everyone,
First of all Many Many thanks to Durga sir, for sharing wonderful knowledge to the Bigdata learners/aspirants. With the help of itversity I have cleared many certifications and trying few more so thanks to durga sir for wonderful support.

So I have cleared the exams in a way like:

  1. HDPCD- No Java
  2. HDPCA
  3. CCA -175
  4. HDPCD - Spark
  5. CCA-131 ( lost n trying for re-attempt)

So My next goals are:

  1. Re attempting CCA-131
  2. Databricks- Spark
  3. CCP
  4. AWS

Once again thanks to Durga sir for sharing awesome knowledge for free.
People who cleared the CCA -131 (Admin) or Databricks spark pls give some suggestion or tips to clear the exam: or 9542067846


amazing path and very interesting to follow you!

Can you provide me some tips or suggestion to crack HDPCA, I am about to scheduled my exam.

I am also trying to give CCA 131 exam, can you guide us tips to clear the exam.

Great work on clearing so many certifications! I have a quick q : between HDPCD - Spark and CCA 175 which one did you find easier (as you have taken both exams)

Hello All,

I am trying to learn Hadoop (HDPCD) going thru Durga’s playlist:

I bought the access to ITversity’s 30 days lab.

But down the line going thru his videos I noticed him using the sandbox(Cloudera) for his tutorials. This is making my learning experience challenging. I am not able to practice using the itversity lab. Keep in my mind, I am a newbie to Hadoop. So, not able to replicate his steps/activities in the lab.

I need your advice - How did you follow his tutorial and manage with the hands on part?

Your reply is much appreciated.