Cleared CCA-175 - my two cents


Hi All, Successfully cleared the exam on my second attempt. Thanks itversity, without your lab, I am not sure if I could have done it.
As said in earlier posts, the exam is not difficult. But you have to do exactly what is asked, nothing more nothing less.
My mistakes in my first attempt.

  1. If the input file is text, I tried to solve with RDD and one such problem took too much time and in the end I solved only 7/9. But I got the score of 6/9, because in one of the problems, I removed duplicates though it was not asked. So don’t do anything extra not even coalesce(correct me if I am wrong) if it is not asked.
  2. In my second attempt I solved everything using DataFrames (converted txt to RDD to dataframes) and temp table. I finished all 9 in 1hr40min. This is my approach based on my strength. if you feel strongly about RDD, please use it.
    Good luck to every one

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Hi arul,

congrats for clearing the exam.

Please tell me how you practiced for the CCA 175 -scala test.

Also please share any webiste/link details for CCA175-scala mock test or practice exams.

Thanks in Advance.


Thanks Arul for sharing your experience. It will be really useful for others who are preparing for exam.


Have you faced any performance or lag in accessing Cloudera cluster?
Did you face any issues with Sqoop import / export permission levels ?
Where there any code snippets / templates are provided in Scala / Python to solve questions?