Cleared CCA -175 on 10/11

Cleared CCA -175 on 10/11
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Thanks Durga/Itversity.
Cleared CCA-175 8/9 questions by following the updated syllabus on YouTube and using the lab for about 12 weeks. I was more than prepared, I probably would have passed a month ago honestly in retrospect.

Advice for those who are planning to take it:

  1. Download and become familiar with Cloudera virtual environment, it took me about 3-5 minutes to get acclimated.
  2. Pacing is very important, the time goes by fast! Tackle “easy” problems first, every question is worth the same, don’t waste an hour on one question and then run out of time on the others.
  3. You will get an error, if you do just breathe… Look for typos, but don’t panic… If you get stuck skip it, come back to it and use the user guides if you must.
  4. Double check your results. A couple of times I got all the way through and had everything compile and then saw an error when I tried to print out the results.
  5. Be very strong in manipulating file types and going from one file type to another.
  6. The actual “coding” was relatively easy but pressure and the time factor make it much harder than it is, so be very comfortable with doing Arun’s problems without needing to use the user guides or only by needing to use them very sparingly and you should be good.

Thanks again Durga/Itversity! I thought about buying problem sets and spending money on courses but I passed 100% off the YouTube syllabus and using the lab!


Congratulations buddy…


Congratulations! Thank you for the tips.


Congrats !!! can we know how you practiced I mean problem statements you did… can you share your tips plz


I just went through the updated playlist: At first, I went through at 2x speed just to get through them, then I went back through it and coded the things out. I did Arun’s problem set after that and I just used the syllabus to go through any things I didn’t know how to code on the problem set. I did about 1-1.5 hours a day for 2 months (took a few days off here and there). The last month I tried to do about one question a day on Arun’s problem set (I also made up variants of the questions) and just tried to get the “muscle memory” down. Once I got to the point that I could do the questions without having to think about them (not by memorizing, but by being able to work through them) I figured I would be good.


Thanks oggreen for your tips .