Cleared CCA-175 on 20/07/2019

I am happy to share that I have cleared CCA-175 exam. I was able to solve 7/9 questions. Thanks Mr.Durga and Team for their support and providing the lab which is extremely helpful in simulating the exam environment. I would also like to thank the people who cleared the exam and shared their experiences which helped me to understand the exam better.

So, here is my story in clearing the exam. I prepared course by Mr. Durga CCA 175 certification with Scala. Although this helped me up to 80%, what I felt which is very useful is the practice test course by Durga. I recommend this for all aspirants.

Coming to exam/questions itself, I have got 2 sqoop, 1 (hive+spark) and 6 spark questions. I took the exam on my 13" Mac with external monitor and I observed that Cmd+C and Cmd+V shortcuts were not working in the environment they provided. Every time I had to rightClick->copy from sublime text and rightClick->paste in the terminal. In this process I have wasted lot of time and was just able to attempt all questions. I did not get enough time to check my answers but luckily I was able to clear the exam. I am sure if I had written my exam from Windows machine, I would have saved at least 20 mins. No worries, as I am able to clear the exam. I opened 2 to 3 terminal windows, connected to mysql db in one of them to check the data. I wasn’t able to launch spark-shell. Then I launched spark2-shell and was able to continue with that. I answered all spark questions by using spark-sql as I felt during practice that it is the quickest way to get to the answer. You can chose whatever approach you are comfortable with. It doesn’t really matter as long as you could get your answers right.

One line summary - the more you practice, the more are your chances to clear. So best of luck to all of those who are going to take the certification in the future.

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