Cleared CCA 175 on 25-May



After a month-long effort, I am able to clear CCA 175 Exam (8/9) today. I have been following Durga Sir on and off since a Year now and thanks to him for providing such good learning platform of required big-data technologies. Also, Arun’s blog is mind-blowing in terms of clearing the certification.
Exam tested basic stuff, but yes out of 9 I spent almost 1 hr in first 3 due to my own mess-up and not using sublime text. But anyways, once I got used to of the pattern, it was easy. Make sure to verify result because that is the only thing being evaluated. I only used pyspark as I was comfortable with it.

Thank you All to respond to my questions, whenever need be.



Can you provide some details like: Do they ask questions on Spark SQL? Flume? I have mine on 9th of July, 2018. Just wanted to know latest question types.


Mainly on Spark , Sqoop and Hive