Cleared CCA-175 on 5th April, 2018


Hi All,

I have cleared the CCA-175 exam on 5th April,2018. Thank you very much @itversity and Durga Sir for the wonderful playlist. I have followed the 156 video series for CCA-175. The content in the playlist is more than enough to clear the exam. Practice all the problems/exercises in the videos and exercises in link below.

Udemy and YouTube resources

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Practice is the key to clear the exam. Along with the problems/exercises in the videos, also try solving the problems in This will boost up your confidence.

Also,to increase your productivity you can sign up to which has the datasets pre-built.

Tips to be followed during exam:

  1. Spend enough time to go through all the requirements that have been asked in the problem. Read every requirement very carefully. Even a small mistake in getting the requirement will result in question being marked as wrong.(This could be File Formats, Filtering, Appropriate Delimiters, Compression, Correct Output Directory , etc.)

  2. Don’t waste your time on one question.Proceed to next set of questions and come back later to this question.

  3. Use editors like Sublime-Text. You can save time by writing the code in editors and then pasting onto terminal. Also you can reuse the same piece of code for multiple problems by making simple edits on top of this code.

  4. Spend enough time to evaluate your results. Once again as discussed in Tip 1, pay special attention to the output requirements and ensure every requirement is fulfilled.

Please let me know if you have any further questions

Thank you,


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Hi @Abhishek,

there were any flume or kafka questions?


Hi Abhishek,

Are there any changes in examination ?
Did you receive any questions from flume, kafka ?


Hi Abhishek,

Congratulations and Best Wishes :slight_smile:

I have few silly questions , could you please help -

  1. how to connect to cloudera cluster using gateway node in the exam environment - do we need any softwares in our local machine to connect to or we will be provided a direct URL along with credentials.
  2. mysql port number and host name – will that be mentioned in the question clearly. If it is not mentioned, how can I find that out.
    Thanks & Regards


Hi there were no questions on Flume/Kafka ,but I would recommend to be prepared as its part of Skills required for the Exam


Hi Rajesh,there were no questions on Flume/Kafka ,but I would recommend to be prepared as its part of Skills required for the Exam


Hi @absolute,
1)There are no softwares required to connect to the exam environment.Once you schedule your exam and login to the site , the proctor would verify your identity and release the exam for you(ie the exam environment would be released for you)
2)Mysql port no is 3306 by default.Host Name and other connection credentials would be clearly mentioned in the question


Congratulations! @Abhishek


Congrats @Abhishek… were you able to access /etc/hadoop/conf/core-site.xml?.


Thank you Naveen.:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Thanks Bhavik.Yes,you can access the path


Hi Abhishek, first of all congrats, I have one doubt, are they specifically asking to solve a problem using rdd or data frame,because I’m more comfortable for solving problems using data frames.


Thank You Abhishek.


Another query – could you advise whether you needed to change default settings for parameters such as - executor -memory/num-executors in the exam. Did you face performance issues while executing commands

Thanks In Advance.


Thanks Pradeep.Yes,you can use data frames


I haven’t used the parameters.But yes you can use


Hi, Abhishek,

Congratulations for you success and Best Wishes for your great future that is awaiting for you :blush:

I am also an aspirant for taking CCA 175 exam, But I have some doubts that I want to clear with you :blush:

  1. Do we need to make special arrangement and configure our PC/Laptop to give exam, if yes then what are those? or shall we go for any Test Center who will be conducting this exam in India.

  2. How many question have been asked from Sqoop, Spark core and spark SQL, and spark Streaming. What are the APIs of Spark core and Spark SQL that you will recommend to have command over before taking this exam.

  3. How many days in Advance one should register for the exam and at what time (Morning/Noon/Afternoon/Evening/Night) will you recommend .

It seems that I have asked too many questions. But Even your brief answer o these two questions will be of a great help for us who are aspiring to give CCA 175 exam.

Thank you so much in advance :blush:


Thanks Tariq.

1)We dont need any special arrangement.We just need to have a laptop/desktop with a webcam(see minimum requirements in Cloudera Website for the hardware required).I would suggest to take exam from a place where you have better connectivity.May be your home or office(if there is no firewall issue)
2)We are not supposed to discuss about question split.I would suggest to go through the course mentioned by me in the mail chain and attempt the exercises.That will help you clear the exam with ease
3)The slots are dynamic .So, I would suggest you to schedule 1 week to 10 days in advance.Also ,be mindful of US holidays(very few slots would be available in these days).Time could be as per your convenience


Congratulations, do I need to Know both Scala and python in order to attempt the exam ??