Cleared CCA-175 on Aug-14-2018


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I would like to thank Durga Sir classes and Arun’s videos in his blogspot for helping me clear the CCA 175 certification. Durga Sir classes explain everything in detail and you will learn more than enough to clear the certification. Arun’s blog really helped in understanding what is important for the certification.

I would also like to thank the guy who wrote this success story If you can solve these problems.. you may be ready for CCA-175 . Give it a shot!. The certification will only have questions of this complexity. If you are able to solve the above questions in less than 1 hours 45 minutes, you can easily pass the exam

I was able to clear 8 out of 9 questions in my first attempt. 2 questions were from Sqoop and the other 7 from Spark.

I was initially having trouble in logging into Sqoop at first as the connection string was little different from what we practiced in the classes. You don’t need 3306 which we use Cloudera VM. Please see the video in the Cloudera homepage ( and it is exactly the way we need to specify in the exam.

Practice is the key and if you have enough practice, you will easily clear the exam

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Congratulations Tony!!
How many question you got from DataFrames and RDDs in Spark?
Did you get any questions on Spark Streaming or Kafka?


Thanks Surendra.

Out of the 7 questions related to Spark, they don’t specify whether to use Dataframe, SparkSql or RDD’s. You can use any of the above three logic. They are only concerned about the results…I was using Dataframes since I was more comfortable with it rather than RDD’s.

I didn’t have any from Spark Streaming or Kafka and don’ think you will get any from these topics as no one has reported it before. They may ask from Flume as this was reported by other guys.


Hearty Congrats Tony !!
Will we have access to databricks-csv & databricks-avro packages during the exam ?


Congrats Tony on sharing your experience.


Thanks Shebin.

Yes, you will need to import databricks avro package but not csv.
I was using Scala and you can use below in Scala to get avro package:
import com.databricks.spark.avro._
You can use Arun’s blog to get more info on file format (

I was manually doing CSV. I havn’t seen anyone using avro-csv package. If you know how to use it please let me know.


Thank you very much Srikapardhi.