Cleared CCA-175 on June 10



Hello All,
Thanks to the course by Durga G. and this forum, I cleared CCA-175 with ease.
I got 9 questions, 2 on sqoop, 2 on hive and rest on spark (RDD, DF etc…)

questions were very easy and exam is easy to clear if one has done decent hands on.
All the best to all of you planning to appear for certification.

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Congrats @omsachdev. Were those 2 questions exclusively on HIVE or there was some SQOOP + HIVE or SPARK + HIVE combination ?


One question was to import data directly from mysql to hive, and other was to read HDFS file, do some processing and save the data as hive table.


for sqoop did they give you jdbc url or mentioned my sql is running on localhost or gateway node ? please advise?


Hi, how did you save the data into Hive?