Cleared CCA 175 on May/17/2020!

Hi All, I have cleared my certification CCA spark and hadoop developer with 9/9. Thanks to Durga and his lab.

I would like to add few points:

  1. Durga’s training is good for clearing the exam and first step to start who doesn’t have the prior knowledge.
  2. I had practiced everything using spark 1.3 from Durgas youtube videos. But since certification is upgraded to spark 2, I took Durgas Udemy course and just revised everything in spark 2.
  3. Exam is tricky and will be easy if you follow all the topics and practice as much as you can.
  4. The training itself doesn’t make you expert in spark programming, but definitely its worth for beginners and clearing the certificate.

So overall, Durga’s material and labs are reliable source for any one to gain the knowledge and clearing the exam.


Hi Veeresh,

Congrats on clearing the exam. Can you kindly share some details about the exam?

  1. What editor is provided during the exam (is it cygwin)? And what editor should we practice coding on?

  2. Is it possible to save the code in someplace like a notepad, so as to reuse them?

  3. What happens in case we have to restart pyspark/spark shell? (because all the data frames/RDDs will be gone, and we will have to start coding from scratch)?

  1. How did you start spark shell for Avro file support?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ardeep,

  1. Its Linux based editor, you can practice on the same using command prompt in your local PC.
  2. No.
  3. If you restart yes all are gone; I had internet connection lost in between, but when I came back the session was still available.
  4. For current exam environment, you dont have to import avro package. But for safer side I did import databricks avro package.

Hi Veeresh,

I have 3 questions in my mind

  1. can we open two terminals/tabs like i can use one for hive/nano another for spark ?
  2. is the exam is in new version ? I mean new syllabus, no streaming and sqoop questions
    3)auto tab is on ? like spark.(tab) API’s will display

Thank you

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Hi Shashidar,

Here are the answers.

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. Yes.

Hi VeereshGN,

Was it possible to solve the questions in exam using only SparkSQL?