Cleared CCA 175 on Oct 6th

Cleared CCA 175 on Oct 6th
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Thanks a bunch to itversity Team . Scored 8/9 .I went thru the old playlist and also the revised syllabus playlist from Mr.Durga.Like everyone says , time management is the key . So make sure u finish every question /solution within time and verify then and there. I was just a min away from scoring a 9/9 , but my time ended there.

I also followed Arun’s blog and practiced all the questions in there. That will prepare u to deal with all file formats and also for tougher situations. And the VM u get into while doing the exam is little intimidating , window is so small , navigating between several windows is a bit tough , so practice extensively with Cloudera’s quickstart VM . I used sublime text for my spark code snippets , and transformations questions are quite easy. Ur results needs to match the exact format cloudera expects from you.



Congratulations @Lakshmi