Cleared CCA 175 with cent percent result on 22nd September


First of all I thank Durga sir & Arun sir(arun teaches u tech blog) from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful content. The best part is you gave it for free.

Few tips on CCA certification for the upcoming aspirants:

  1. Before you schedule your exam make sure you have a good internet connection with good speed.
    For example: I’m using Hathway broadband and was planning to write it in the evening, but when i checked the net speed it didn’t satisfy the minimum requirement in there compatibility tool in examslocal. I then checked the next day morning from 7 am to 9 am and all seemed good and scheduled my exam for 7 am on 22nd Sept. Cos you know in most parts of India you never know when the power will go and when the net connection goes bad.
    BTW, i didn’t face much lag in the remote machine like many people had told earlier.

  2. During the exam once you have executed your solution, make sure you check the target folder and the data content in that folder. Cos you make never know you have made a silly mistake while typing some configuration details (in my case I had made a typo when writing the compression codec for parquet). Good thing I had noticed it quickly and got it right.

  3. Make sure you plan you time in such as way that you have at least 10 minutes for re-checking your answers.
    Copy the target location of the solution and make sure you got it right.

This helped me score 9 out 9 :smiley:

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Congratulations for passing the exam. Can you tell me how the exam environment is. And are itversity labs sufficient for practice ?


Did you have questions related to Kafka or Flume?