Cleared CCA - May 28th 2020

Hi All,
I have given cca175 yesterday, got an email that I have cleared 8 of 9 problems, even though I checked everything was correct. I would like to thank @Durga Gadiraju (ITVersity) Sir, for his very useful videos, his videos not only helps in clearing the exam, which I think is very basic test of our Spark understanding, but also explains concepts clearly which is very useful for our work as well.
Since I got lot of help from Itversity community/page/discussion threads/slack channel, I would like to share some of the tips below:

  1. There is a seperate window opened for questions, and separate windows for terminals, I could open n no of terminals. I opened 3 - 1 hive, 1 spark shell, 1 hdfs file system

  2. Ctrl C from the questions window, right click and paste in the terminal window helped me a lot.

  3. Questions are quite easy, just the practice of Itveristy questions, arun blog questions, I also practice mock tests in udemy, just for practice.

  4. Time management and practice is the key - Make sure you put a timer and check how much time you spend on the question to solve.

  5. Log in to exam atleast 15-20mins before as the checking process takes time.

  6. Relax and solve, its not difficult, just need to know all the functions well.

  7. You can use dataframes, spark sql. I used DF mostly so may be it saves couple of minutes.

  8. File formats have to be thoroughly practiced.

  9. Last but not the least, For sure as Durga sir specified, Please do check the answers after solving each question and also after solving all questions. Even though I did this, and made sure all my answers are present, I do not know why they told me one answer was missing.All the best to all of them who are appearing :slight_smile:

Congrats Shanthi. Were there any questions Sqoop, Flume ,Streaming ?

congratulations Shanthi. How much time does it take for results email to be delivered?