Cleared CCA on 14th July 2018


Thanks @dgadiraju sir, i cleared my cca175 ecam on 14th july, really happy on my achievement & want to contribute in case anything is needed.

Tips for exam is that practice well & maintain composure in the exam.

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Congrats Puneet

I am going to write CCA175 exam this month end can you please let me know what is the question pattern



Hi Puneet,

Is the questions pattern and difficulty level same as labs?


Hello puneet congrats on clearing the certification. I am giving mine on end of July. Are there any flume questions ? Did you find any connection issue. Is there any templates provided to solve the questions ? Will really appreciate your input. Please share any difference in question formats (e.g are they asking to write a .scala program or just execute them in command line ? Thanks a lot in advance.


Congrats man.Could you please tell me which version of spark should I install in Cloudera VM to do practice for CCA 175? Kindly reply.


Spark 1.6 is pre-installed on cloudera VM. You will use same in the exam


Great.Thanks Mayank.Are you CCA 175 certified?


Hi Puneet,
Can i please talk to you once, i am going to write exam this weekend.