Cleared CCA on May 13th


Firstly, I wanna thank Durga sir and Arun Sir for their wonderful course and blog. Their lectures and examples are very helpful for preparation.

Regarding the exam preparation, it took 2 months for me to complete the certification.1 month for course completion and 1 month for practice. I got 2 sqoop,1 hive, and 6 spark questions. The questions are easy but the real challenge is how fast you can complete them. Also while compressing avro with snappy .we won’t see the resulting file as filename .snappy.avro instead we will get it like filename.avro.We have to be quick while solving the problems. I got 7/9 in the exam .make sure to check the result after executing the program(I made this mistake which resulted in 2 wrong answers).

@itversity @dgadiraju Sir,

Currently, I’m a reports developer/ administrator. The job market behaves such that to get into Big data(Data Engineer) and to crack interviews we should have prior experience with Big Data(Not I learned Big Data).it would be really helpful if you can churn out a course on practical training on real-time issues in the organizations and real-world problems in Big-Data. Hope ITVersity provides examples of real-time environments which includes project flow (Starting of code from Dev to deploying it in Prod), Performace issues and reference books we need to follow and so on. There is a lot of material and videos available online and the path is unclear on what is required and what is not.

Kindly let me know if any such course is available from ITversity and guide us on how to get a Job in Big Data.


Hi @rohith_nallam
could you share with us what was the objective of the Hive question?



Hi @rjshekar90
have you completed the certification?


can you share in 1 month what course are you studied


I just studied CCA 175 Course by Durga Sir in Udemy


Hi @rohith_nallam
Did you find any problem with encoding during the certification?



What do you mean by encoding?.Can you elaborate?


Hi @rohith_nallam
i was wonderig if you had any problem with some value in the file which caused an error in handling that value because of ascii encodiing or something like that.