Cleared CCA Spark And Hadoop Developer (CCA 175)



Cleared the CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer(CCA 175) on March 15, 2017

Thank a lot! to Durga Sir for all guidance, mentoring and great learning materials.
Without your guidance and mentoring, it was not possible.I wil talk to you very soon for next goal and need your guidance for same.
Also, I would like to thanks all the members of itversity forum for healty discussions and certification related all latest details.The discussions in this forum helped a lot during preparation.

I would like to sare my exam experince as follows,

  • Practice during preparation and time management during exam is the key for success.
  • You won’t be able to debug any issue for long time or refer any Cloudera provided documents during exam because time will not permit for same.
  • If you got stuck on any problem, skip it within 5-7 mins and attempt next problem as you
    will have on average only 12 mins per problem.
  • In these 12 minutes, you have to understand the problem, write the code, execute it and validate the result on Hadoop cluster having very large datasets.

Good luck! and All the Best! for future aspirants of CCA 175.
Thanks once again to Durga Sir.

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Congrats Suraj .Is CCA exam still in old syllabus


Thanks Abhishek.

Yes. I had written my exam on 15th March. It was the same pattern what topics present in Durga’s playlist.


Hi Suraj… could you please ping me …


Hi Suraj,

Even i have taken exam last saturday but could not get it through. Could you please connect with me once at