Cleared CCA175 exam on Jun 18

As everyone has mentioned, if not for Durga Sir’s courses, clearing this exam would’ve not been possible for so many aspirants. Scored 7/9. The tips that everyone posted on the discussion forum helped a lot. I would like to add an additional tip:

While converting from DataFrame to rdd for saving in text format, please use string conversion (using str(…)) only where necessary. I ended up using it for all fields and looks like there were some unicode characters that could not be converted to string. Be careful. This mistake cost me a problem in the exam. Not sure, if others who use spark shell (scala) would face this, as this could be a pyspark shell specific problem.

Other than that all transformations and file format conversions were all easy.
Good luck! Happy learning!

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Congrats @sneha_ananthan

Hi Sneha,

For sqoop questions did they provide JDBC url?
or they mentioned mysql is running on gateway node?

were you using any of the below?

please advise