Cleared CCA175 - Next step?


Hello all,
I was able to successfully clear the CCA175 on 19th Nov and technically, I am thorough in all the topics necessary for big data - Spark, Scala, Hive, Sqoop, etc
However, I currently work on a different technical area and do not have real-world project experience on Big Data. Could any experienced professionals suggest me on the next steps for me to transition to the big data world. Here are the options that I thought of:

- Learn AWS, get certified on 'AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate' and 'AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty'
- Learn further on Spark performance improvement through the 'High Performance Spark' book 
- Take further training/mentoring on real-world projects and transition to a big data job first and then consider the above two.

Also, if anyone would like to share further details directly or would consider offering mentoring, please mail me over



Congratulations Raghu, Please guide me on exam thing. I am appearing on dec 14.