Cleared CCA175 on 12-Mar-2018



Hi Friends,

First of all I would like to thank Durga Sir and Arun Sir blog for their courses, training videos, exercises and all their help in accomplishing dreams of many like me :slight_smile:

THANK U ALL for your valuable posts in Helped me a lot to plan my strategies for exam.

I think I can help many like me by posting this as I experienced almost everything in exam. I commit silly mistakes, took 20 min. in a single question, got confused and got nervous too. I was in that situation too where I can feel that How I will clear certification now. But what helped me is Practice, Self-believe, calmness and most importantly logics explained by Durga Sir and Arun Sir.

The format was same - 2 Sqoop and 7 Spark problem. I scored 7/9. The reason for mistake was silly mistake, nervousness and giving lot of time to a question.

My Suggestions:

  1. Carefully watch Durga Sir videos. Those are just Awesome!!!

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  1. Try to gain knowledge first and then go for certification.
  2. Practice each exercise which are given in videos and itversity site. Try it with solution first if you are not able to execute it in first go.
  3. Practice 96 scenarios. You can atleast go through those once. It will definitely help.
  4. Go for Arun Sir blog and videos. Those problems will definitely help in setting your mentality toward certification problems. Try those problems 2-3 times if possible.
  5. Practice Hive queries or SQL syntax, Try to implement different logics in datasets or tables.

On D-Day:

  1. Don`t be nervous.
  2. Be mentally stable and prepared.
  3. Skip the problem question if you stuck somewhere. There are very easy questions too.
  4. Try to implement problem with different logic if one is not working.
  5. Practice with dataframe if you want but do not skip RDDs also. Sometimes a combinations of two can be very helpful.

PRACTICE as much as you can. Try to implement as many as logic you can.

Thanks again to itversity :slight_smile:


Hi Raman, i’m glad that you passed the exam :wink:
May i ask you to write to me to in order to ask you some thing about the certification?
Thank you in advance :wink:


Congratulations Raman, How would you rate the complexity of the exam questions?
when compared with the scenarios discussed by Durga Sir and Arun.


Congrats @Raman_Kumar_Jha
I want to know whether we have to display or infer schema of file in the output folder in which the result is stored.I am expecting a quick reply as I am writing the exam in one day?


Thanks @karthick_raja

If they want result in specific format or schema, then they will mention it definitely. Exam only focus on output result. Arun problem scenario for file format will be very useful. I cannot explore more due to certification rule and regulations.

The problems are easy. If your concepts and logics are clear. It will be piece of cake. Focus on different file formats.

All the best for your exam.

Raman Kumar Jha


Thank you very much for your reply @Raman_Kumar_Jha


Thanks @panamare

Durga Sir and Arun covers almost everything if you practice each content, exercise available on itversity and Arun Blog sincerely. In exam, Logics can be changed but if you practiced well and concepts are clear, Then It is very easy to clear exam.

PRACTICE is the key. As I mentioned apply different logics in datasets or tables. Practice by framing questions from your own with the datasets available. The contents on itversity and Arun Blogs are enough.

Raman Kumar Jha


@Raman_Kumar_Jha I have another question.Should we show the photo copy of the proof of identification or original ID to the proctor?


Yes @karthick_raja

Proctor will ask you to show any one original ID proof in front of webcam and will validate your information. I showed my Aadhar card. All the best for your exam!


Thanks @Raman_Kumar_Jha


Hi Raman_Kumar_Jha,

how long did it take you to prepare for the exam?


Thank you Raman! you have bolstered my confidence.


Hi @graschella

I took me 2 months to start from Nill to pass the certification. I am very thankful @itversity for all help.

My preparation plan was:

  1. I went through all the CCA175 videos.
  2. Practiced all the excercise from itversity.
  3. Framing questions for different datasets and applying logics on them.
  4. Practiced Arun Blog problems twice.
  5. Practiced 96 scenerio problem.
  6. Did practice all these in my last 15 days as much as possible.


Congrats @Raman_Kumar_Jha

Is the 96 scenarios by itversity as well? If possible, Could you please share the link of 96 scenarios.

Also, Can
I ask you to ping to to know about certification details clearly. Your help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance


Raman, were the read and write from and to different file formats important in the certification? If yes, were the Arun’s different scenarios helpuful?
Thank you


Yes @graschella

Reading and writing in different file formats with different compression codec are the most important part of certification.

Yes Arun Blogs are very helpful in that. You can get the idea from there and then practice it in different ways.


96 scenerios can be helpful in clearing concepts and logics. You can just go through it if you have not enough time to prepare. Please find the link below:


hi Raman Kumar … congratulations for certifications… i am also planning to take this exam .
which itversity links you follow?? i am following 156 videos

is this right??


Hi @wijay107

I followed the revised syllabus playlist(25 videos). But this playlist(156 videos) is the latest one. You can follow this.I have also gone through this for quick review. If you will see previous itversity posts, many cleared the exam with this 156 videos playlist only.


thanks…again… and can we use? sublime text in exam? and what is mysql connection string and database? how can we get that in exam time? they describe this all things?