Cleared CCA175 on 12-Mar-2018



Thanks @Raman_Kumar_Jha. But then how would we work on multiple problems. it means we just need to write all solutions in sublime text. Got it. Thanks a lot.

One more question:
Does sqoop export support only text file format. I tried many other file format but its not working.
I posted this on forum as well but no response.



@Divyakot I also tried sqoop export for different file format but it is not working.

But what you do is:

  1. Reading that file format file into DF
  2. Transforming it into textfile
  3. then import it using sqoop


Thanks @Raman_Kumar_Jha for your help.


Hi, I want to know if there are any questions on flume/kafka/spark streaming?
Is it mandatory to practice it with respect to certification?


@Raman_Kumar_Jha - Hey man, are these 96 scenerios only in scala? Where can I find the same in Python?


@shubhamdewangan In exam there was no question on flume/kafka/spark streaming.

Since near real time streaming is a part of syllabus for certification, You can just go through these once. Focus more on other topics in respect to certification.


@njain I also go through these only once just as overview. Yes I think it is only in scala. I don`t have any clue for python.


Have you encountered any question about External Table in Hive?


@graschella Hive is a part of certification syllabus. External table related questions can be there.


@Raman_Kumar_Jha thanks… it is not handle well in the python videos provided by @itversity or am i wrong?


@graschella I don`t know much about python videos. It might be possible that videos are not covering all the aspects of Hive but whatever is there is enough in respect to certification.


One more question: did they provide the jdbc connection to use in the sqoop command or you have provide it by yourself in a way which i don’t know?


This is as per revised syllabus.


And… i don’t understand what you want to say by this video


@graschella Yes they will provide connection parameters and whatever they have provided only use that. You can go to demo video at the official certification page. The problem statement will be same like that.


Congrats. Can you please provide the link to Arun Sir’s blog which you are referring to?



@scdi, Here you go.


Could you please share your exam experience, if you gave your exam ?


Hi… The 25 video is Scala ones. Which language would be better from templates perspective? Is there any compact video for python as well?
Where did you practice? Do I install all the software in my pc n practice?


Hi @Souvik_Ray You can practice on any language you are comfortable in. There is more help for Scala on Itversity. There are python playlist also. Please find the link below:

I practiced on my system itself. I have cloudera VM 5.4 in my PC. The latest one is 5.13 on cloudera site but that needs 12GB RAM to configure completely.

You can also use Itversity Labs for practice.