Cleared CCA175 on 17-March-2018


I would like to Thank Druga for the awesome course and Arun for the practice scenarios that bolster confidence.
As other chaps have mentioned already I too have got nine questions and I could come out with 8/9. there were no questions on Kafka or Flume.

Suggestions for the aspirants:

  • Practice Practice! As the questions weren’t that difficult but you are battling the time.
  • Get it right at the first time.
  • Verify output as you complete the question don’t keep it for the end.
  • when you couldn’t come up with a solution within 10 mins for a problem move to other
  • Don’t type file paths always copy paste
  • Get familiar with the sublime text.


Congrats. Can you suggest whats your approach for verifying compressed data solutions.

Should we verify data output before compressing it. I am asking from the perspective of exam as you said we are battling with time…



Hi, I practiced verifying the data before saving to file/table while in the DF or RDD itself.
Once saved with compression you just need to check the file extension. beware avro doesn’t show in the extension when saved with snappy so I practiced checking the cat | head of the file.


Congratulations on clearing the cerification!

what is the host name we should use the in the sqoop command for conection string?


Thanks for the information.


Hi, All the information on connections and host name will be given cogently in the problem statement so don’t worry about that.