Cleared CCA175 on 18 Feb'18


Hi @itversity, I would like to thank you for helping me prepare for the exam and for coming up with a platform like Big Data Labs ( without which I would not have been able to do hands-on. Special thanks to Durga & Arun for their amazing video series.

About the exam: I got 2 sqoop, 7 spark (no flume / kafka) questions. All questions were straightforward and one can easily attempt all questions if you have covered both video series by Durga and Arun. Time management is very important so practice well…
Caution: The fonts were too small and zoom (Ctrl + Shift + ‘+’) doesn’t work with sublime editor so practice accordingly.
Cheers & All the best!!



Have you ever done the 96 scenarios? if yes, are the 9 questions all covered?

Did you get questions that require being completed in both Scala and python?

I am asking because I have been used to Scala for the practice now and I want to use Scala for the exam.



Hi @Yogesh_Dewan - Many Congratulations for clearing the CCA175 exam!
One Important question:
Are there any Spark questions in the exam which can ONLY be solved (or easily solved) by RDD operations and NOT dataframes/SparkSQL??

Please respond asap. I have my exam tomorrow.



Hi Yogesh, Congratulations!

In the exam questions were you required to save them with Column Headers or With out Column Headers?

I am asking because in the videos or any other materials I have not seen anyone much concerned about the text file saving with column headers.


hi ,

Please suggest whats need to be entered in verification code in payment to pay for the CCA175 exam.


cong’s … correct me if i am worng i think there are 9 questions 2 from sqoop and remaining 7 from spark .

7 questions from spark will include ( data frame , spark sql , file format ,rdd transformation and actions ). right.

i think there wont be any question on flume ,Kafka and spark streaming ?


I covered this series -->
I used only scala to complete all questions. All they check is the result and it is your choice if you want to use either scala or python. Hope it helps!!


Thanks @kjawa167
I used mostly dataframe/sparksql to solve questions but it good to have understanding of RDD operations too. I used ‘map’ to transform data before saving it to output files.
All the best for your exam!!

Thankyou @panamare
Dont worry about column header. I just followed video content and saved output files as mentioned in the videos.

You are correct!! I got 9 questions (2 sqoop, 7 spark and no questions on streaming).
And, Verification number is your card CVV no I guess :slight_smile:
Cheers to all!!

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