Cleared CCA175 on 19th Nov!


Hello all,
Glad to share the news that I was able to clear the certification on 19th.

I got 8 out of 9 questions right…The 9th one I lost out bcos of a silly error when formatting the data.
Break up of questions below:
2 - Sqoop
1 - Spark + Hive
6 - Spark questions - No particular requirement about RDD, DF or SQL. Only the output was expected.

There were no questions on Flume for me.
Thanks to Durga sir’s tutorial which helped greatly during preparation.

Also, if any members need guidance/mentoring/help with preparing for this certification, you could mail me on


Congratulation Raghu,

Can you please tell me what needs to be taken care while giving exam ?
What is the difficultly/complexity level of question and is there any configuration related question ?
Is the snippet of code provided ? Can we submit the code using same shell only or need to required spark-submit ?

Thanks in advance