Cleared cca175 on 25/02/2018


Cleared CCA175 on 25-02-2018
First i would like to thank itversity and arun blog for the wonderful course content
This course material is more than enough for preparation .
Try to take exam in a bigger monitor .
Time management is important.
Go through the video provided by cloudera.
all the best for those who are preparing for the exam!!!

with regards


Cong Varun … is that questions are straight forward or complex ?? Is there any questions on flume Kafka and streaming?? Can you share the link of vedio provided by cloudera…

Any question on aggregate by key???


thank you…if you are able to solve itversity and from arun blog questions you are good to go…
2 sqoop and 7 spark…



Congrat Varun!
9 questions in total so roughly around 13 mins per question. Any particular topic/question for which more time should be set aside