Cleared cca175 on 8th May 2020

Hi All,

I have recently cleared cca175. I really want to thank Durga Sir for awesome content at the moment when It was required the most. I was following Itversity tips and tricks on youtube since Cloudera changed the exam guidelines and syllabus. I feel so happy! Just got confirmation from Cloudera. Thanks to Itversity team for making this happen!

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Congratulations!! @Shivani_Gosai

I also took the exam in 11th May, but the exam could not be normally loaded, and I am requesting a new schedule, I just have two questions about the new environment,

1, Can we open the same examslocal link in a new tab for result validating? like hdfs dfs
2, Can we use google translate in the exam?


The kind of questions are the same on itversity exercises?


@Nuno_Barbara Thanks. I am not too sure which set of questions you are referring to. I practiced from here:
Hope it helps.


Hi @q_f,

  1. I couldn’t open the link twice. So to be clear, just one terminal is given. I validated data by reading the results back into dataframe api and then validating the format and count. However, I did exit spark-shell to check my results and run hdfs dfs -ls few times in exam.

  2. I am not aware of this feature. You might want to email Cloudera and ask them in advance if you wish to use it.

Thanks and all the best!


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@Shivani_Gosai: Any number of terminals can be opened in the exam. Say one for hdfs dfs validation and other for spark shell.

Hi Shivani,

Congrats on clearing the exam!

  1. Can you plz suggest what editor is provided during the exam (is it cygwin)? And what editor should we practice coding on?

  2. Is it possible to save the code in someplace like a notepad, so as to reuse them?

  3. What happens in case we have to restart pyspark/spark shell? (because all the data frames/RDDs will be gone, and we will have to start coding from scratch)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, @Shivani_Gosai

May I ask you one question again?
Because of the issue of exam could not be loaded, I already scheduled this exam twice …

what time slot is better, do you any recommendation?? Btw, I took my exam in time zone of Japan.