Cleared CCA175 on 9th December 2018



Hi Surendra,

with the use of Spark 2.0 do we need to set the compression method as with version above 2.0 we can direct use option(“compression”,"<>") , also to apply the compression for textfile can we import library in the exam .


Hi Rakesh

  1. watch Cloudera provided sample exam video before exam and be familiar on how to
    zoom in .

  2. Use ctrl + ‘+’ to increase the font in sublime text editor.

  3. Use Ctrl + shift + “+” for increasing font size in Terminal.


Hello Surendra,
Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your experience of the exam!
I have some question about the sqoop import/export.
Do we need to add :3306 after the gateway? Coz I remember in the Cloudera’s video, they do not have that in the sqoop import command.
Also, is it better to use -P rather than --password? I find that someone said that --password may cause errors during the exam.
Another question is, do we need to specify the --split-by ?


Any question asked in flume or kafka?


I want to join Mudassir’ question:

Any question asked in flume or kafka?


No questions were asked on Kafka and Flume


No need to add port number , by default it takes the defined in exam server.
You can use -P or --p . Both serve the same purpose. I have not Faced any issues.
You don’t need to use split by