Cleared CCA175 on June 9,2018



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Hello everyone,

I went through many posts her and heard many thoughts from here which helped me a lot before I took the exam on June 9,2018,so I would like to contribute my part here. I am happy to share that I successfully cleared the same scoring 8 out of 9 questions.I am not sure why 1 went wrong and it was specified as ‘INCORRECT FILE FORMAT’ in my score card. Not sure if I copy pasted something wrong or I overlooked the question. I would like you to keep the below points in mind for your success.

TIME - I nearly completed my last question in the LAST SECOND of the exam and I clicked enter on my last command and proctor locked the screen to stop me from further typing any. Luckily, I got it correct and got it executed at backend. So, please don’t waste time any where. Execute the command and don’t keep watching it(especially SQOOP questions), start going through next question.

VALIDATE RESULTS- Don’t just execute the command and run after the next question(although you can get ready by reading the problem description of next one). Validate your result before you jump into next else you will miss the credit if you missed any output requirement. I couldn’t get time to validate the results for few questions due to lack of time, for which I lost one credit. I don’t want you to fall in that pit again.

NETWORK - Please make sure you have very good network and system with good H/W specifications for your exam. I lost Power once and the WiFi signal got disconnected many times for me. My Bad…!! Although the proctor says he is pausing the exam every time you got disconnected, why to take risk, lose time and get tensed in between the exam, huh.

SKIP TOUGHER and LENGTHY ones - If you feel and find the questions are lengthy to solve(although they are not that lengthy), skip the ones and go the next one, who know if the last question is just a walk in the park.In my case, my last 2 questions are easy and luckily I skipped the Problem7 and completed the last 2 questions and came back to this again.

I am hearing posts and reading questions related to SQOOP and MYSQL connectivity issues. There are NO issues anywhere and I got them connected. There are NO questions on FLUME,KAFKA or SPARK STREAMING. All the questions are pretty straight forward i.e., Sqoop -2, Spark–7(mostly reading from some file format -> applying some transformation-> write to HDFS in some file format)

All the best…!! :slight_smile:


Sqoop jdbc url user id and password in the cca175 exam

thanks Praveen for the detailed post, congrats on clearing the exam. Can you please tell me how can we increase the size of the editors in the exam. Thanks again.


@praveen.raja1133 Congratulation.

Note : you can share your overall experience of exam here but not the questions in details as it agains the cloudera and @itversity policy. Hope you understand and re-edit your post.



Oops!! I am not aware of this, thanks for letting me know. Edited accordingly. Let me know if it looks good now. Thank you.


CTRL+ “’+” -> Browser
For sublimetext, go to PREFERENCES and increase it


You just need to remove questions.

Thank you.


@bhavik9243 Removed the section…!! Thank you.


Congratulations and thank you for sharing your experience with fellow aspirants.



Congratulations Praveen.
Thanks for sharing your experience here. I am planning to take up the exam sometime next week.

How did you solve all the spark questions and do we get to do it in the program of our choice? - Did you use spark-shell or did you have to write the program to execute the solution?

Did you use exam simulator from ITVersity?

Appreciate your response.


Hi Praveen,

Congrats on clearing the exams and thanks for sharing experience.

Quick question, is sublime text editor available during the exam? Did you use any editor or just the VI?



My Pleasure sir…!! :slight_smile:


Thanks malli…!! PFB my response.

How did you solve all the spark questions and do we get to do it in the program of our choice? - Did you use spark-shell? - Yes I used Spark shell. You can use any program of your choice, all they validate is output and not your approach.

Did you have to write the program to execute the solution? - You can directly get the commands executed on the shell. Don’t waste time on developing applications, all they need is output alone.

Did you use exam simulator from ITVersity? - No, I just self-studied.


Thanks Abhishek…!! PFB my response.

Is sublime text editor available during the exam? Did you use any editor or just the VI? - YES, you have sublime text ditor. I generally wrote the solution on the editor and then executed them on shell one command after the other for a problem.Just to validate my commands at later point if required.


Thanks Praveen for sharing this!


Congratulations Pravin ,I am going to give exam very soon.I am facing one problem while doing ranking . If I want to find top 3 product within each category then if I use rank() then and there is tie it will skip next number and if I use dense_rank() then I get more than one records with rank 1 and 2.In this case please suggest me what should I use. Your help will be valuable for me.