Cleared CCA175 on March 31st


I would like to thank Durga Sir for providing BigData Visual Guide which does not only help to clear various certifications but also gives biginners a better understanding of Hadoop eco system, Data Analytics tools like Hive, Spark etc, Streaming technologies like flume, kafka, Spark Streaming etc.

Cleared CCA175 with the help of Itversity tutorials and Practice tests provided by Arun Sir.
Thanks a million to Durga Sir and Arun Sir.

Tips to for CCA175:

Please follow CCA175 tutorials videos on Itversity which will not just guide you to clear certification but also build your hadoop base stronger.

All exam questions are very easy what you need is to have clear understanding of Hadoop, Sqoop, Spark(core, DF, Sql), File formats, Compression techniques and PRACTICE.
There were not any streaming questions during exam, however I would suggest to be prepared for it as its a part of “Required Skills” list.

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Dear Rina Congratulations,
I want to give this exam in next month.Started preparation.I am poor in sql queries specially subqueries.Is there any questions where we need to write subqueries and HIVEQL? please give reply else contact me on


As cca175 exam is all about testing your spark knowledge,there won’t be any complex sql queries. as long as you can write basic sql,you are good to go… just focus on spark core and dataframes,read write in diff file formats and very very basic sql.


Thanks Rina…So nice of you Any questions on HIveQL?


there will be some problem statements given ,you can solve it using spark core,dataframe or spark sql/hiveql. whats matters is output… you can go through others discussions as well for tips… :slight_smile: