Cleared CCA175 on Oct 09 - 2019

Thank you very much to Mr.Durga, Itversity, Arun blog,
Udemy Practice Tests from Itversity & Navdeep Kaur
and experience-shares of other members from Itversity Forum.

My learning was with the same for CCA 175 exam.

my few suggestions,

    Lot of practice is the key to pass the exam,

equally the time management during exam.

When the input file is in text format, 

we have to open the file and check the delimiter
before start to code, it was not mentioned explicitly.
Always check the delimiters before start working on input data.

Be strong in spark sql and dataframes,  

that will save the time.

    Be COMFORTABLE with simple string functions.

    Be strong working with different file formats 

and compression codecs(There could be no better resource than
Arun Problem Scenario with file formats to become strong
in dealing with the same in exam perspective)

Never ever struck with one problem. 

When we memorize - like the parameters to set compression codec,
sqoop input arguments and practice more, it would be easier during exam.

    Always open new terminal for spark coding, 

this will avoid incorrect compression codecs being used
which is actually set for previous problem.

with exam environment,

Definitely have bigger screen to write exam, 

I have used 54.6 cm monitor.

Always use Ctrl+Shit+C and Ctrl+Shit+V in Terminal, 

never try right click and paste, that will kill the time.

Also I have practiced locally with 

smaller size sublime text window and terminal for exam perspective.
I did this, because we wont feel much difference while writing exam.
And that is true, so we do not feel much congested during exam.

    I opened separate tab for each problem in sublime text, 

so it will be easy to copy some reusable codes,
instead of searching in one long file.

    If you are using external web cam, 

it may be very blurry while showing Id card for verification,
please check this before exam, you try beforehand how you could better
show it in cam. I could finally show it through a glass of water as
they instructed. It took around 10-15 mins time.

And I was not able to type {,} chars, i struggled and 

I can not understand at that time whether it was because of keyboard
or environment problem. It actually happened twice,
I did not look for any help from proctor during that time,
just wasted few minutes. The problem was intermittently solved by itself
after few minutes, then I copy and pasted those characters for next problems.
But when I asked about this at the end of exam, then I understood,
If it happens, it was not problem with keyboard, we just have to tell
them immediately and seek help.

Thanks again for knowledge shares, practice tests, forum and blogs,
that really helped me for the exam preparation.


Hi @Tamizharasi ,
I have few queries if you can pls answer them:
1.Did you get any flume or spark streaming questions ?
2.Which onr did you use --target-dir or --warehouse-dir ?
3.If by chance we need to delete the result saved in the location provided during the exam by using hadoop fs -rm -R /path , is that correct to delete or how should I delete my incorrect saved results?
4.What do u rate spark questions on the level on complexity(1 to 5 , 5 : very complex ) ?

Thank you for your time .

Congrats Tamizharasi. Thanks for the detailed notes

Congratulations. Would like to talk to you about it . Can I have your contact details