Cleared CCA175 on Oct - 6th

Cleared CCA175 on Oct - 6th
5.0 1


Scored 8/9. Pattern was similar no change. 2 on sqoop and 7 on spark. Thank you itversity for the open study materials. Time management is the key.



Congratulations @inbasundar

I have a question like, is following output is same or different? Will Cloudera mark both as correct or how?





Thank You. No both are different. Mostly output they expect is string not tuple. So in your case first one is tuple and it is different with the second one which is string.


Thanks @inbasundar for this clarifications.


Hi inbasundar,
I just want know few things regarding test.
From where did you take the exam?.Any test center is there or from your personal local machine.


@Yeswanth You can take exam from any where provided the place is calm and closed . Make sure your internet is stable.


Ok Thanks @inbasundar…