Cleared certification 03/31



Big thanks to Durga Sir and Itversity team, with their help and some external sources especially Arun’s blog spot, I was able to clear my certification. Many people have shared their tips, I would only emphasize on time-management and practice. write the code over and over even if it is repetitive, only then you will be able to avoid silly mistakes, which can cost you your certification. I would suggest you, to set a timer before solving sample problems.

I got 2 sqoop questions and 7 from spark, questions were easy but practice reading from different file formats and writing to it. The following link was very helpful in this regard:

I used the simulator from itversity to take a sample test, that helped me very much to understand where I am making mistakes and have corrected them.


All the best everyone!!

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@sudhir_Velicheti Can u tell me where is the simulator you are talking about?



Can you please share Arun’s blog link & videos playlist ?

Also itversity playlist that helped you in clearing CCA175 ?


you need to send request to for access to simulator.


aruns blog:
video playlist:
I used udemy course from itversity:
youtube playlist also available here:

udemy course will have code snippets for practice and access to labs


Thank you very much @sudhir_Velicheti


Hi @sudhir_Velicheti

Congratulations on clearing the exam. Thanks for your suggestions.

I am going to take the exam in few days and I have some queries. Could you please ping me on, if possible.

Thanks & Regards-


Hi @sudhir_Velicheti

Congratulations :slightly_smiling_face: :slight_smile:
Could you please let me know how long does/will it take to prepare for the certification from scratch.

Thanks & Regards,


It took me 1 month. I would say 1-2 months depending on how much time you spend on it.



I am planning to take the test soon. I have just couple of questions . could you please answer. Appreciate it.

Do I need to learn pyspark/python for the exam. Do they provide template in both python and scala language for each problem ? (I have done only scala based)

#Any questions from flume or kafka ?




  1. I didn’t receive any templates, so you can use any language, but some people reported they got templates so, better have a look at python as well it is similar to Scala syntax.
  2. No questions from flume/Kafka for me


Hello Sudhir, which order you followed for the certification preparation and the time you spend on each item it took for each item (no of days). that way it can help me to comprehend my planning thanks. = Afsar.



Hi afsar,
I completed Durga Sir’s CCA175 with scala videos in one week and spend 2-3 days on scoop and around 7-10days on spark rdd,paired rdd and dataframe concepts. One day for all file formats. Practice is more important than listening to videos all day. Do not copy paste code from anywhere, try to write from scratch it will help.