Cleared HDPCD Certification on 7th Aug 2017

Cleared HDPCD Certification on 7th Aug 2017
5.0 2


A Big thanks to itversity… I followed Durga sir’s playlist for HDPCD.
As part of exam- I got 7 questions. 3 pig , 2 hive, 1 sqoop, 1 flume.


Congrats Alok.
Kindly share more details about the questions you received as part of the certification which might prove helpful to future aspirants.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Shivendra … Thanks.
Sry for the late response.
I would say Jst solve the question which they have given in practise set. You will be ables to clear the exam.
Questions will be almost similar to the practice set,. But Please practise a lot, Time is less for this exam.


Hi @Alok_Singh my exam is coming next Saturday do you remember more details about the question you had? did you take the time exact or probably we would need more time? I’m nervous , any informaiton will have a huge worth