Cleared HDPCD Spark Developer - 6/6/2018


Hi All,
I am very happy to share my success story here. Finally, I have cleared Hortonworks HDPCD Spark Developer certification with 85% at 4th Attempt, because I am very new to big data world and lack of hands-on.
Thanks a ton to Durga garu and itversity team for all the support and guidance through the labs, discussion forum and Simulator.
One Key Secret to complete certification is PRACTICE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Few Pointers I would like to share:
• Whenever you are able to complete the problem scenarios (itversity or arun blog) without referring to material or videos then you are ready to take the exam.
• Please understand the concepts and then apply , please donot just read and attempt the exam. PRACTICE , PRACTICE, PRACTICE so that you will get good grip of subject.
• Simulator, helped me a lot with the exam environment. (I have lost 1st attempt, because of lack of hands-on in exam environment)
• READ EACH AND EVERY WORD CAREFULLY before attempting any question. (I have lost 3rd attempt for ignoring few words like integer value of some column, aggregations etc)
• Try solving your own scenarios.

About Me,
I am home maker with 2 kids(7 yrs and 3 yrs) with earlier 9 years of testing experience and zeal to learn new technologies. I have learned big data /Hadoop/spark through Skype around 2 years ago and left. I have decided to give the certification and tried to setup big data environment in my laptop but it’s a nightmare to complete a simple task. Thanks to google, I came across itversity labs while exploring different options. I have subscribed for 3 months lab and practice. Simulator really helped to get the good comfort with the exam environment and crack exam.

Once again thanks to ITVERSITY TEAM.


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@swapna, congratulations!!!


congradulations swapna


Congrats and best of luck for your future endeavors.

@swapna - How was test experience? Did you face any issues with connection, slow speed or small size of screen?


Thanks!! Test experience was good. No connectivity issues. screen size is manageable. I would recommend to take the practice exam provided by hortonworks(though spark is not available , to get used to exam environment) or Simulator (has everything installed) provided by itversity. Tip: I used mouse with scrolling , which helped me a lot.



Hi Swapna,

Congrats.I too couldn’t cleared at first attempt.I cleared 4 questions,but we have to clear 5 questions right?I am going to take retest on next week

For Spark submit where they had placed the Jar file?

For me it was placed in the desktop and I couldn’t be able to get the JAR to cluster environment.

Winscp will be available on desktop to move a jar file?



Congratulations!! Hard work always pays. Good luck.


Hi, Yes Karthik, @Karthikb.127 we need to clear 5 questions. I think they provided the path in the question itself. I just copied that path and pasted in spark-submit command.



Hi Swapna,
Many congratulations on your success!! I am so glad for you, as I am too a house maker and got a big career learning big data and stuffs.
I am going to give my exam shortly, for the first time… lets see.

You motivate people like me.

Wishing you all the success!!



Congratulations Swapna !


Congratulations Swapna and thanks a lot for exam info…!!!


Congratulations Swapna!! Thank you for sharing the experience!. Can you tell me how many questions on flume did you get? can exam be managed without them?I am asking because I am not really comfortable with Flume!!



Congratulations for your success.I would like to connect with you and few queries to ask .can you provide me your email


Congratulations swapna !
I am also targeting HDPCD Spark certification ?

any tips ?


which Simulator you are talking about ? i have opted for ITversity labs is that the same or something else as Simulator ?


Hi Swapna,
Congratulations and would appreciate your spirit, it is a motivation story.
I see that you mentioned in one reply as:
I think they provided the path in the question itself. I just copied that path and pasted in spark-submit command.

  1. Want to ask, if we have to run each application using spark-submit or just save all the script run on pyspark/spark-shell
  2. Were you able to copy & paste


Hi Swapna ,Can i have your email id or cell no taking up the exam on 21 st september need your help on the same


Hi Swapna,
Congratulations !

Can you please explain which exact questions did you receive at the time of certification of HDPCD Spark ?

Thanks and Regards,
Sarthak KHore


@Sarthak_Khore It is against to certification policy of sharing information about the exam questions.

To find the exam pattern and for any queries on certification visit the Hortonworks website