Cleared HDPCD: Spark Exam


Hello All,

I recently cleared HDPCD: Spark Exam. I do not know how many questions i answered correctly. They just sent email stating I cleared the exam. Here are few points which will help aspirants,

  1. You will get 7 questions and you need to answer 5 correctly to pass the exam.
    2, Questions will be on Core Spark, Spark SQL, DataFrames, Accumulators, etc. In short go through all the exam objectives.
  2. 3 Easy, 2 medium and 2 tricky questions.
  3. Do not forget to store the scripts in the given directory.
  4. Even with 7 questions, time management is very important. I could answer only 6 questions and exam ended when i was working on 7th question.
  5. You need to be strong in SQL to get the required results.
  6. if you get time, try to re-run the commands that you have saved in local directory. Coz sometimes you can paste incorrect script in directory.

Please let me know if any questions.


Congrats @rahulabvp
How did you execute your commands? via spark CLI (or) via script?


All the questions can be answered using spark-shell or pyspark. No need to use anything else.


congrats . Is the content in itversity playlist for HDPCD spark sufficient to prepare?



What is the question split?? Core-2, SQL-2, DF-2, Acuumulators-1…


Yes. Concept wise its more than enough. But you have to practice a lot with different data formats and also you should know basics of SQL as there are questions on Spark SQL.


Hi Rahul,
Congratulations !

Can you please explain which questions did you receive at the time of HDPCD Spark Certification ?

Thanks and Regards,
Sarthak Khore



Please share your experience on the following objectives…

Write a Spark Core application in Python or Scala

Initialize a Spark application

Run a Spark job on YARN

Configure Spark properties

Write a Spark SQL application

Some of these objectives can only be tested only when we write scala code outside shell and build application and and run the jar file… or py script…


k,Thnx, If fine, can you share you email-Id so that I can reach out for some queries on the content. Thx !


Thx Rahul.I’ve dropped a mail to you.


Hi, I cannot provide details on particular question due to IT Versity Policies. But you dont need to use anything other than spark shell. You dont have to build Jar or create scala classes.


Hi Rahul,
Kindly request your email id. I have few questions on hdpcd spark certification.