Cleared HDPCD today

Cleared HDPCD today
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I have cleared HDPCD today. A big big thanks to Durga sir and itversity team for for their contribution, they have provided online training and excellent course content.
Also, thanks to rram for prompt response to my queries.

Thank you all.


congratulation manimohanin. I am going to give the exam in Nov. I just have couple of questions. Could you please help me by answering my questions?

  1. for Spark code, do we have to submit spark jobs or just execute query on command prompt?
  2. What was the most difficult part of the exam?


Thanks dippradhan

1> just execute query on command prompt only
2> question based on join was difficult for me

All the best.


Hi Manish @manimohanin

Many congratulations on clearing the exam and many thanks for this post as it really boosts our confidence. I have started preparing for the exams with the help of Durga sir’s playlist.

I have a few questions regarding the examination:

In the playlist, for the Sqoop objectives, Durga has imported the DB and tables from the Cloudera example retail_db. But, in the exam, do we need to create our own db and tables ?
For Flume objective to start an agent, as described in the video, I started the agent with the given command. But it keeps running for ever.
In the certification exam, what should we do after starting the agent ? How long should we wait ? What should be the next action ? Please advice.
Thanks in advance !