Cleared my CCA175 exam on 07/27

I have given my exam on July 27th 2019. I have attempted 7 of the 9 questions and all 7 were correct.
I have some suggestions for people who are planning to give the exam:

  1. Practise sqoop well such that you remember commands on top of your head instead of searching for it on the Sqoop documentation during exam. The reason being that more than 10 minutes cannot be spent on Sqoop so as to attempt all the 9 questions. I wasted time on sqoop. For instance the connection string is something like this - --connect jbdc:mysql://gateway:3306/practice. I was confused when they gave the details as gateway is the MYSQL connection string since we practiced with connection strings like I wasted time on this.
  2. Please don’t waste time on practicing on Spark Cluster Version 1.6 since there is version 2.3 available now on CCA175 which makes clearing the exam very easy. Practice a lot using Spark SQL and getting 7-8 out of 9 would be very easy.
  3. The biggest factor in the exam is not questions itself but the time management. As long as you are good in that exam should be easy to clear. The virtual machine we are asked to give the exam on is very slow, so we need to factor that while practicing.

Finally I wanted to Thank Itversity and Mr Durga without which I wouldn’t have done this.

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First of all, Congratulations for getting certified. I have few questions related to spark versions. Can you please share your mail ID.

Hi - Congrats first of all

  1. Where did you give your exam at home with normal internet speed or at office with higher bandwidth speed?

  2. Was there any lag or slowness in the VM while giving the exam, was it same as compared to using itversity from labs?

  3. Did you get any link or to login to the exam terminal before the exam? Or should we log on to any websites with user credentials?

  4. Any laptop config check done before start of the exam?

I am planning to give my exam next week Tuesday, was unclear on the above questions so far on the stories I have read till now.


  1. I have taken the exam at home with a internet speed of 40 MBPS, the reason being that for the exam requirement is to allow 3rd parties to read the cookies. This mayn’t be possible in most offices.
  2. There is good amount of slowness when we try to switch between the questions which is on Mozilla fox browser, terminal & the sublime text editor. Itversity is way faster. Also always please start the pyspark session with --num-executors, --executor-memory and --executor-cores so as to process the data faster.
  3. You would get a login with and you need to login about 15 minutes before exam. Once you log in there would be a link to the exam already present and will become active 15 mins before your scheduled exam.
  4. Any laptop of min 1GB RAM should be good enough.

All the very best for your exam and please let me know if you would need more details.

sent you a message separately

Hey Mate!, Apologies for the delayed response. Thanks much for your prompt and timely reply, it really helped. Cheers

Pleasure is all mine :slight_smile:

Hi srikar,

How optimized is the Exam environment ?
I have a question regarding num-exectors ,–ececutor cores and executor memory ??

Are they already optimized for best results or do we have to do any changes to it ?

Did you do any changes during Exam ? This Suggestions will be of great help.