Cloudera Platform availability



Hi , I am using lab machine which is Hortonworks distribution provided by ITVersity. Do we have Cloudera distribution also in ITVersity?

If not ,do you have any recommendations about vendors providing Cloudera machine for reasonable cost.


We don’t have Cloudera Distribution as of now.


Hi @mahesh47it,

As long as you’re developer, you no need to worry about whether it is Hortonworks or Cloudera distribution.
It makes a difference if you want to practice Hadoop administration activities on Cloudera.

It is little bit tough to get some vendors details about your requirement. Better go with Cloud, if you’re practicing Cloudera administration.


Hi @ravi.tejarockon,

Thanks for looking into my post. I am from Dev background. I want eclipse for practicing Spark with JAVA. Reason for looking Cloudera is ; we have eclipse by default in Cloudera.
Coding Java in notepad is bit error prone and time consuming. Please suggest if u have any idea :slight_smile:


@mahesh47it, as you’re developer. For you it doesn’t matter whatever the distribution you use.
I will suggest go with Itversity lab & whatever the features you’re expecting from Cloudera like Java & Eclipse it can be installed in any desktop environment (Linux/Windows). You can install Hadoop binaries using maven in Eclipse & export JAR’s to lab and start running jobs. (this is almost real-time project environment style).

Now a days no one uses notepad for Java coding, it’s not a proper standard also.

Coming to Spark, you don’t need Spark to be installed with you, same way you write MapReduce, you can write Spark programs & submit using ‘spark-submit’.

This is the method followed by most of professional Hadoop developers.


@ravi.tejarockon Thanks for the clarification.Clouds clear… I am in wrong assumption that for coding JAVA with Spark in local systems eclipse we need install Spark. Spark JARS alone should be enough for dev. :stuck_out_tongue:

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