Cloudera Sand box list of videos for developer



ITVersity has lot of videos and playlist.
Could you please let me know which playlist of videos should i look into work on Cloudera Sandbox installed for my practice as a developer. (For example, where do configuration files reside, how to modify, likewise for lots of questions like that and for all the details or Cloudera sandbox knowledge that a developer needs. If you could be very specific about the list of videos that will be very helpful. I will look only into those videos / playlist as I have very limited time.

Are Cloudera sandbox and Virtual machine one and the same ?


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You can install Cloudera Virtual Machine and practice CCA175 to give the certification. If you are looking for online self-paced courses then you can check the details using the link below.

If you are looking for all other available courses we have you can click on the below link.

You can watch how to download Cloudera VM using this link below