Code execution taking long time, some time failed


Hi @itversity1 , @itversity

I am trying to solve this scenario
“Get count of customers in each city who have placed order of amount more than 100 and
whose order status is not PENDING.”

rd1=rd.filter(lambda s:s.split("\t")[3] not in(‘PENDING’)).map(lambda s:(s.split("\t")[0],s.split("\t")[2],s.split("\t")[3]))

rd3=rd2.filter(lambda s:float(s.split("\t")[4])>100).map(lambda s:(s.split("\t")[0],float(s.split("\t")[4])))

rd4=sc.textFile("/user/rakeshdey0018/pract/practice3/problem3/customers") s:(s.split("\t")[0],s.split("\t")[6]))

df=sqlContext.sql(“select,count(a.c_id) from cust a,item b,ord c where a.c_id=c.o_c_id and b.oi_id=c.o_id group by”) taking lots of time and some time failing

I have used though 2 executors 2 cores and 2GB for each core

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