Command prompt is showing -bash-4.2$ instead of [username@gw03 ~]$


I have been noticing that the command prompt is showing
after the login, However there is no issue in running the hdfs and sqoop commands.
I am wondering how did this change from my username
[bylakshmikanth@gw03 ~]$

and with -bash-4.2$ i still see the present working directory as /home/bylakshmikanth
When i change the directories, the change is not displayed on the prompt and still shows -bash-4.2$,
however the pwd command showing the right directory path.

what i want here is to see the prompt as [bylakshmikanth@gw03 ~]$ as it was before.
How can i get this back. Thank you !



Issue resolved.
It seems there is no .bashrc file in your home directory. Now it is fine. Try logging now.