Completed -- CCA-175 -- 26-mar

Hello All,

First of all big thanks to Durga Sir and Arun Sir.

My exam pattern was also same as others (2 sqoop and 7 spark questions).
Exam was pretty easy or I would say became easy because of Itversity and Arun sir.

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If you are following video series for concepts and solved all questions :
From Itversity –
i) spark exercises ( and
ii) workshop exercises (
From Arun’s blog – (
you are good to attempt exam.

I am listing few points as per my experience:

  1. time management – very important.
  2. screen resolution is really small so be prepared. Make sure your keypad/mouse works perfectly fine.
  3. I felt sqoop questions were somewhat trickier then spark questions.
  4. Spark questions were really easy.

As Durga sir explained in videos about spark question pattern -->
i) read data in some file format or from hive. For text file practice with different kinds of delimiters, like comma(’,’) or tab (’\t’) or pipe (’|’)

ii) select few needed fields, perform simple transformations. Transformations was not that complicated, so you can keep that in mind. for example, groupBy, sum, count, join, etc

iii) sort the data as per specification, means with some specified fields in ascending or descending order. (I found, in one question where they have not specified directly about ascending or descending but they have explained the requirement and based on that we need to interpret the desired sorting pattern).

iv) save the data in asked file format and apply compression technique if asked.

  1. verification is really important. I would suggest to cross check your answers right away instead of verifying at the end. you might not get time at the end of exam.

Feel free to ask any questions.

@itversity, please correct (as per cloudera guidelines) if i unknowingly listed some information.


Congrats. Did you practice 96 questions scenario that everybody else is discussing here?

No, I just had a glance over it. Its good to practice if you have more time and for learning. For exam only not must.

Hey, Congratulations Divya!

Have you faced any issues while doing sqoop import like connection issues?
How long it takes for processing of data once you run the job as you work on big datasets?

Hi @Divyakot,

Congrats !!!
Thanks for sharing your experience. Hope you did not faced any issues with MYSQL connection.

Were you able to cross check the output if saved in non-text format…maybe by reading it in spark ?

No issues on sqoop connection. Make sure there is no typo mistakes.
Job was running really quick.


No, i didn’t get time to cross check after I saved the file in non-text format. but i did cross check output before saving (final RDD or DF) and then file extension after saving it.


Congratz @Divyakot !
I would like to ask if the sqoop questions require a lot of transformation, and how much time it took for you to complete them.


did you have access to /etc/hadoop/conf?.

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Hi, Please can you share the link of 96 practice questions?

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