Configure HDFS ACLs



Hi Guys,
I have been working on the topic “Configure HDFS ACLs” at Itversity (YouTube Channel) and i am using AWS machine.
But i do not know how to create User and How i do experiment with that users like Role etc. In the Video Durga using “EC2 User”. How i do this ?



I think by default in AWS ‘ec2-user’ is the root user. by typing:

$sudo su


$su -

You will be the root user. Based on the operating system you can create users in linux user & Hadoop as well.
Let me know, if you need any assistance.


Thanks @ravi.tejarockon
In my case “root” is my root user. So issue is solved now.
I have started topic “Capacity Scheduler” , will ask from you when needed.
Thanks Again :slight_smile: