Console cursor pointer issues


I have joined today and i find the same issue. I am not able to locate my console pointer and also the commands i type in the console. Please help me in this regard.


@Ruthika_jawar Please share screenshot of your issue to understand more clear.



If you see the image, there in no pointer. So when i type any command on it, i dont find any pointer and unable to get where the data is written.

Could you please asap solve the issue.


@Ruthika_jawar I’m not sure why it’s happening to you. We recommend to use any ssh client like Putty/Cygwin in windows or Terminal in Linux/Mac PC’s to connect to labs.


I Can’t install apps in my system. That’s why i ended up buying this. Could you please help me with console settings or something?


@Ruthika_jawar Which browser you are using. We recommend chrome browser for better performance. And we are getting the cursor in your console.