Cygwin No Access & No Sqoop on Console


Good day,

  1. I am trying to log to Hadoop cluster from Cygwin using my credentials:
    $ ssh’s password:
    I am getting the permission denied error, though.



For connecting labs refer below YouTube link.


Good day Annapurna,

I am not sure if the YouTube will help me in this case - I have taken a look. My error message is actually on server deny access. Is it explained on YouTube how I give myself the access?




Thank you for the response.

You asked me to share my screen regarding the issue above. I would be able to share my screen at 19:00 HRS (Cape Town time, + 2 GMT), is that convinient for you? Can you please log on to the server using my login in the meantime and see if you can access sqoop resources?

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@Brian_Ndingindwayo I verified from your account sqoop resource.

sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://quickstart:3306/retail_db --username retail_dba --password retail_dba

In the lab environment, you can’t use hostname as quickstart you can use hostname as

To access mysql in labs refer to the below link.

Try below Simple sqoop import from mysql to HDFS.

sqoop import \
--connect jdbc:mysql:// \
--username retail_user \
--password itversity \
--table orders \
--target-dir /user/ndingibr/order